Lamborghini Official Leather Orange Stripe Wallet with Card Compartments and Gift Box

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Automobili Lamborghini Authentic Black Leather Orange Stripes Wallet

The fresh look wallets for Lamborghini feature a simple Black design with two Orange Stripes to highlight Lamborghini's iconic supercars that are so popular in Orange, from the Miura to the Arancio Atlas Diablo, the Arancio Borealis Gallardo to the Arancio Ishtar Murcielago, and of course the Huracan and Aventador, there's something about that Lamborghini Orange!

  • Other features of this special wallet include:
  • Metal Automobili Lamborghini Badge
  • Premium stitched leather base
  • Heat branded script logo inside
  • Two banknote compartments (195mm)
  • 4 card compartments on right side when opened, as well as a further two hidden ones behind them.
  • 4 horizontal and one vertical card compartments on left side when opened, as well as flap that opens revealing a further horizontal slot, 3 vertical slots a hidden compartment behind them and a mesh photo holder.
  • Comes in official Lamborghini gift-box with hologramed Lamborghini tag.
  • 110 x 92mm when closed.

Model Number E72XA5PA1-9015359, Made for Lamborghini by Swinger Italia, known for its Versace, Cavalli and Lamborghini products

  • Authentic / Official / Licensed product
  • SKU: SW22XA5PA1-OZ1

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